January 30, 2013
Linda Eggemeyer

Volunteers Needed for Experimental Plague Vaccine Study

The Center for Vaccine Development seeks healthy volunteers between the ages of 18 and 45 to take part in a study of the safety and tolerability of an experimental plague vaccine. The vaccine has not been given to people before and volunteers cannot get an infection of plague from the vaccine.

The study involves 10 scheduled visits and three phone calls over a period of approximately 13 months. Volunteers will be reimbursed $200 per vaccination visit, $75 per follow-up visit and $10 per phone call.

To receive more information, contact the Vaccine Center at 314-977-6333 or 1-866-410-6333 (toll free), vaccine@slu.edu or visit the Vaccine Center website. Refer to Study 286.

About the study
Plague is an infectious disease of animals and humans caused bacteria named Yersinia pestis. Pneumonic plague (affecting the lungs and breathing) is the most dangerous form of the disease and is generally fatal if an individual does not receive appropriate treatment within 18 hours after the onset of respiratory symptoms.

Pneumonic plague would be the most likely outcome in the case of a bio-terrorism attack using the Y. pestis bacteria as a weapon. A plague vaccine might offer protection against respiratory exposure to Y. pestis following a bio-terrorism attack. Currently, there is no effective licensed vaccine that protects against pneumonic plague. In view of the seriousness of infection with Y. pestis, a substantial effort has been focused on the development of protective vaccines.

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