December 10, 2013
Yvonne McCool

SLU Prepares for Third Annual 'Battle of the Boot'

Donation sites are needed for the shoe drive, which helps to raise funds to support clean water projects in Africa and Haiti.

A newly drilled pump provides clean water in Mbooni Constituency. Submitted photo
A newly drilled pump provides clean water in Mbooni Constituency. Submitted photo

Donation sites are needed as Saint Louis University prepares to take part in the third annual "Battle of the Boot." This year, the University of Missouri-St. Louis has joined the battle with Washington University and SLU.

SLU has won the battle each year the University has participated. Last year, SLU collected 7,067 pounds — or 5,496 pairs of shoes. Over the past two years, SLU has donated 12,290 pounds of shoes.

Shoes collected during the drive are sold to distributors who then take them to developing countries to help people obtain affordable shoes. The money is used by George Hutchings ("George the Shoeman") at Shoeman Water Projects to drill wells in Africa and help fund water purification systems in Africa and Haiti. Each well costs more than $10,000 to drill.

Members of the SLU community are invited to give their input as to what this year's goal should be. Should the University aim for 5,000 pounds, 7,000 pounds, or dream big with 10,000 pounds?

All are encouraged to spread the word of the cause with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and students. This year, the University hopes to have a donation bin in every residential complex and every building with employees.

In October, Shoeman Water Projects went to a village in the Mbooni Constituency, Makueni County, Kenya and drilled a well providing clean water. The village has plans to build a secondary school with dorms and indoor plumbing for students.

In January 2014, the Shoeman team will travel to Haiti and, in addition to installing purification systems to clean the water in existing wells, they will begin drilling 200-feet-deep wells that will not need purifiers.

To learn more, visit the Shoeman Water projects website.

Contact Yvonne McCool at to register a donation location or to learn other ways to help.

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