December 17, 2012
Yvonne McCool

‘Battle for the Boot’ Shoe Drive Under Way

Twenty Six buildings on campus and two offsite will be collecting shoes through May 31, 2013 as part of "SLU verses Wash U Battle for the Boot."

Employees and students are bringing in bags of shoes to help SLU keep the boot. We have the opportunity to help a local organization change the lives of many in developing countries by letting them put affordable shoes on their feet. But it's not just shoes; it's the greater vision of changing lives forever by drilling wells and installing pumps giving villagers clean drinking water for the first time.

Yvonne McCool, project coordinator for SLU and the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC), said both universities support the communities with outreach

"The Universities support the communities with outreach programs and the shoe drive allows us all to help with an international mission," Yvonne McCool the project coordinator for SLU and the Staff Advisory Committee (SAC).

"Last year SLU collected 5,223 pounds of shoes and the two universities combined collected 10,219 pounds of shoes -- about 5,110 pairs," McCool added. "Although we say 7,000 pounds of shoes this year as our goal, I really want to collect over 10,000 pounds of shoes."

Success of the shoe drive is dependent on everyone at SLU and everyone can help. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about the shoe drive and ask them to clean out their closet. Tax receipts are available upon request. No one loses. Shoes stay out of the landfills and find new owners, wells are drilled and lives are changed, even saved.

Click here to learn more about Showman Water projects or watch a YouTube video.

It's not too late to add a collection box in your building. E-mail and we'll find a spot for a box in your building.


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