Saint Louis University

Eleven buildings joined in the race for the torch in January bringing the total number of buildings with shoes turned in up to 16. Employees in the Wool building really want the prize in May for the most shoes collected bringing in a total of 121 shoes in January. But the second place trophy holder from the last year's shoe drive, Drummond Hall employees, also turning in 121 pairs of shoes for January, are saying "Hold on Wool, we've joined the race. "The "torch" will be passed to the building leading the race at the monthly SAC meeting at 12:15 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Learning Resources Center.

A couple of buildings answered the call for shoes and said, we don't have a full bag, but here's what we've got, and they helped SLU nearly double the numbers from December (369 pairs) to January's total of 723 pairs of shoes collected totaling 1,032 pounds of shoes. We met 100% of our monthly goal and have met 20% of our total goal of 7,000 pounds of shoes by the end of May.

Since returning from winter break, students, faculty and staff have done a great job talking about the shoe drive and gaining interest. One graduate student is meeting and discussing the drive with fellow students regularly. Another student came and helped sort in January, donating more than three hours of her day (thank you, Anne).

A third student (Josh) is developing a Facebook page to keep a running blog of the shoe drive. The more volunteers that help, the quicker we can sort shoes. Other students are helping plan ways to get the word out across the SLU campus and to all the students.

Is this shoe drive competitive? Yes it is. Linda Benson, volunteer and contact person at Desloge Towers, joked that she didn't know how competitive it was until their bag of shoes and the collection box disappeared. Another building also lost their bag of shoes so we've started a club for "lost shoes" and at the end of the shoe drive, we'll be sure to have some fun with it. Wool Hall contact person and volunteer Terrie Perry said she didn't want her shoes in Wool building to disappear so she collects them regularly and stashes them out of sight until the bag is full.

The Department of Public Safety has requested that we all keep an eye out in our buildings and if we see someone that doesn't belong trying to take the shoes or roaming the building to call their office. Safety is important so do not confront the person.

For more information contact Yvonne McCool at or (314) 977-8957.