March 16, 2013
Yvonne McCool

Donate to SLU Shoe Drive

The University has collected 26 percent of its goal of donating 7,000 pounds of shoes for the Shoeman Water Projects.

Saint Louis University has reached 26 percent of its goal to collect 7,000 pounds of shoes for the SAC Shoe Drive, benefitting Shoeman Water Projects.

"The 'Battle for the Boot' continues and the Shoeman Water Projects won't tell us who's in the lead," said Yvonne McCool, the drive's organizer.

Each and every person at SLU is important to the success of the shoe drive. If every faculty, student and staff member tossed in a pair of shoes without holes or tears, the University could exceed its goal. As of Feb. 28, SLU has turned in 1,864 pounds of shoes and need 5,145 more pounds or approximately 6,000 pairs. The drive ends Friday, May 31.

Nineteen buildings and two parking garages have turned in shoes. The top five buildings leading the internal competition for most shoes collected are the Marvin and Harlene Wool Center, School of Nursing Building, Doisy Research Center, Drummond Hall and DuBourg Hall. The standings change monthly, so it's not too late to catch up.

Students are encouraged to join in and place a collection box or two in their residence halls or hold challenges between student groups.

For more information about the shoe drive, contact Yvonne McCool by at

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