November 04, 2013
Michael Lucido

Risk Management Updates Travel Accident Insurance Policy

Employees working 32 hours or more traveling on University-sponsored business can enroll in the program online.

Saint Louis University provides business travel accident coverage, which includes out of country medical benefits, security and natural disaster evacuation and repatriation benefits, for employees working 32 hours or more traveling on University-sponsored business.

Spouses and dependents are also covered on this policy if traveling with the employee on University sponsored business.

To find out more information on this, review the Risk Management website and download the insurance card and instructions. 

The policy does not cover travel to several countries, which can be found listed on the Risk Management site, that are on the U.S. State Department warning lists or for which there are embargoes of any type. Individuals traveling to these countries will need to secure private insurance if it is available. Contact International Services at 314-977-2318 for a list of providers.

For more information, contact Risk Management at 314-977-3952.

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