February 14, 2014
Bryan Sokol

Help SLU Earn 'Community-Engaged Institution' Designation

The Center for Service and Community Engagement seeks input about SLU's university-community partnerships in order to qualify for the Carnegie Foundation classification.

CSCE wordleThe Center for Service and Community Engagement is leading Saint Louis University's application process to qualify for the Carnegie Foundation's classification as a "Community-Engaged Institution."

In order to be considered a "Community Engaged Institution," SLU must describe university-community partnerships that support "the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources"-an essential action for supporting a thriving democratic society and a key reason for creating universities in the United States.

This elective classification process is based on "data collection and documentation of important aspects of institutional mission, identity and commitments" supporting civic learning and engagement. The Community Engagement application is an extensive assessment of the depth of civic engagement at an institution, as shown among students, faculty, staff and community stakeholders, both locally and globally.

Given SLU's continued commitment to service and community engagement as a whole-and collective efforts to gather data to report on these efforts-the Carnegie designation aligns closely with the University mission and institution-wide strategic planning.

The CSCE has been contacting many campus leaders for their input on specific parts of the application, but the process is ongoing. The present application is for a 2015 designation, renewable in 2025. A current list of designated universities and colleges, many of which are SLU's peer institutions, can be found at the Carnegie Foundation website.

All members of the SLU community are invited to browse the full application. To share input for a specific part of the application or someone who could serve as a valuable resource in the process, email service@slu.edu.

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