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Saint Louis University Anthropology Degree Overview 

Saint Louis University's anthropology program offers you a choice of rigorous social science tracks focused on three subfields: cultural anthropology, biological anthropology and archaeology, as well as lab courses that provide hands-on learning. You'll also gain practical applied experience through fieldwork opportunities and independent research projects, as well as make connections with the larger community through internships, study abroad opportunities and a senior capstone project.

Fieldwork in SLU's anthropology program takes place within and outside the U.S., allowing students to experience other societies firsthand and gain a greater appreciation for cultures different from their own.

What You'll Learn in SLU's Anthropology Program

SLU's anthropology students choose an emphasis from three subfields:

  • Cultural/social anthropology: the study of human cultures in the present or recent past.
  • Physical/biological anthropology: the study of humans from a biological and evolutionary perspective.
  • Archaeology: the study of the ancient and recent human past through material remains.

SLU's Anthropology courses include a foundation in:

  • Archaeology
  • Biological anthropology
  • Contemporary anthropology
  • Research methods

What Can You Do With an Anthropology Degree from SLU?

SLU's anthropology graduates are prepared to successfully function in an interconnected world. The major and minor degrees in anthropology are designed to complement any other major at SLU. If you major in anthropology at SLU, you may consider the following careers:

  • Archaeological technician
  • Corporate anthropologist
  • Preservation assistant
  • Documentary filmmaker
  • International business consultant
  • Mission organizer

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