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Undergraduate Resources

As a student in the Department of Chemistry, you can connect with faculty, review safety policies and access important forms.

Undergraduate Assistantships

Laboratory assistantships are available for high-performing sophomores, juniors and seniors majoring in chemistry. As a laboratory assistant, you will help with grading and supervision of laboratory classes. You should be familiar with the techniques and calculations used in common experiments. Stipends for laboratory assistantships vary depending on the course, but are typically between $700 and $850 per semester.

Advising and Mentoring

The Department of Chemistry’s mentoring program connects faculty and students as part of SLU’s Integrated Advising and Mentoring System. Faculty members guide students in the major so you can stay on track to graduate, discuss research opportunities, pursue internships and explore other career-related opportunities. Faculty will discuss the major requirements, present the curriculum plans, answer questions and meet their mentees. Faculty will also provide updates to curriculum plans and discuss opportunities for undergraduate research.  Students are also required to meet with your faculty mentor and outline your curriculum plan. Transfer students will receive one-on-one mentoring in order to assist with their integration into the chemistry degree program.

Department of Chemistry Mentoring Plan

Undergraduate Awards

American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry

This award is given by the American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the field. The winner is determined by performance in analytical chemistry and approved by the analytical chemistry faculty in the department.

Award recipient:  Mingyu Choi

American Chemical Society Award in Inorganic Chemistry

This award is given by the American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the chemistry field. The winner is determined by performance in inorganic chemistry and approved by the inorganic chemistry faculty. 

Award recipient:  Anna Priddy

American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Senior Award

This award is given to a senior chemistry student and includes a certificate and a Merck Index. The winner will also have their name engraved on a plaque displayed in the front of Monsanto Hall.

Award recipient:  Clara Hart

Hugh B. Donahoe Award in Organic Chemistry

The Donahoe Award is named in honor of Hugh B. Donahoe, Ph.D., a member of the SLU chemistry faculty for over 20 years before his death in December 1972. It is given to a sophomore major who has displayed outstanding performance on a special exam given at the end of the two-semester undergraduate organic chemistry sequence. Donahoe’s wife, the late Jo Donahoe, established the award.

He was active in research, teaching and service during his time in the department. His teaching responsibilities were in the organic division but he had a strong interest in medicinal chemistry going back to his days in graduate school at the University of Kansas. The title of his Ph.D. thesis, completed under the supervision of his professor, Calvin VanderWerf, in 1950, was Hybrid Antimalarials; the Reaction of 8-Aminoquinolines with Nitrodiols.

He organized an active medicinal chemistry program at SLU, which produced graduates up to the Ph.D. level. Most of his research appeared in peer-reviewed organic and medicinal chemistry journals including the Journal of Organic Chemistry, the Journal of Immunology, the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the Journal of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Applied Microbiology.

An article in the Journal of Chemical Education (“A Physiological Basis for the Grouping of the Elements, James Blake (1815-1893)”) was indicative of his interests in the history of chemistry and teaching. He also published in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (a precursor of Analytical Chemistry).

Donahoe’s work was supported by research contracts with government agencies, private foundations and corporations. He served the chemistry department as acting chair and associate chair. Other SLU activities included heading the University’s NASA committee, membership on the executive committee of the Project 21 Task Force, and serving on the admissions committee of Sigma Xi, the honorary scientific organization.

One of Donahoe’s postdoctoral co-workers at the time of his passing, Vincent Spaziano, Ph.D., was hired as his replacement and served the department with distinction as chair from 1987 to 2002. The department’s Vincent Spaziano Memorial Scholarship is named in his honor.

Award recipients:  Rishi Patel and Mingyu Choi

Hypercube Scholar Award

This award is presented to an outstanding undergraduate student who aspires to attend graduate school in the chemical sciences.

James D. Collins Award for Excellence in Student Academic Achievement

This award is given to a senior that has demonstrated outstanding work as a chemistry major.

Award recipient: Mark Cheneler

Leopold Marcus Award

This award was established by Jack Marcus, owner and founder of Missouri Analytical Laboratories, and his wife, Gertrude Marcus, in honor of his father, Leopold Marcus. The purpose of the award is to encourage high achievement in chemistry at the undergraduate level. The award is open to seniors majoring in chemistry and biochemistry doing research in the SLU chemistry department under the supervision of a faculty member. The winner of the award receives a cash award and a certificate of achievement.

Award recipient: Rob Filla

Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student

This award is given to a freshman chemistry major who has displayed outstanding performance in the general chemistry sequence of courses.

Award recipient: Arjun Bagai

Saint Louis Section ACS Outstanding Junior Chemistry Student

This award is given to an outstanding junior in the SLU chemistry program every year. A certificate is awarded and the winner’s name is engraved on a plaque displayed in the front of Monsanto Hall.

Award recipient: Melissa Kimlinger

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