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Irma Kuljanishvili, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


M.S. in Physics, Michigan State University, 2001
Ph.D. in Physics, Michigan State University, 2005

Research Interests

  • Synthesis and characterization of novel 1D and 2D nanoscale materials for scalable device technologies and applications
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy techniques
  • SPM based lithography; Nanoscale design, assembly, and patterning techniques

Labs and Facilities

  • Atomic Force Microscopy System
  • Home-Built Automated Chemical Vapor Deposition System
  • Electrical Characterization Probe Station
  • Custom Built Direct Write Nanopatterning Tool.

Publications and Media Placements

IN DEPTH: How nanoscale semiconductor devices are studied
An Interview with Dr. Irma Kuljanishvili, NANOScientific, Semiconductor special addition, September 14 issue, pg. 18

Honors and Awards

  • MSU College of Natural Science Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Fall 2004.
  • MSU Physics and Astronomy Department Sherwood K. Haynes Award, (for an outstanding PhD student), Spring 2005
  • SLU PRF Award 2013 Single Investigator
  • SLU PRF Award 2014 Cross Disciplinary Multiple Investigators
  • SLU PRF Award 2017 Collaborative with David Wisbey
  • NSF MRI Acquisition of Raman Spectroscopy System for Research and Education, 2013-2016

Professional Organizations and Associations

American Physical Society
American Vacuum Society