Minor in Asian Studies

Offered by the Saint Louis University College of Arts and Sciences 

  • Minor in Asian Studies

Overview: Saint Louis University's Asian studies minor offers you an opportunity to add a multidisciplinary degree option in the geography, history, business, economics, politics and culture of Asia. It is open to all majors.

Curriculum: The Asian studies minor at SLU is a 21-hour cooperative program involving several departments, including theology, political science, history and foreign languages. The certificate also requires 30 hours of community service. 

Careers in the Field: The growing presence of Asian culture and business in the world economy implies increasing career opportunities in law, business, government, journalism, arts and education for students who have a background in Asian studies.

About the Faculty: SLU's faculty in theology, political science, history and foreign languages are all accomplished scholars in their fields and bring their real-world experience into the classroom.

Visit the Asian Studies page for more information.

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