Saint Louis University

Meet our interns! The Atlas Program has several interns in the spring semester that are essential in providing support for the programming, publicity, and logistics of Atlas Week. Get to know our current interns, and learn about why they wanted to be a part of the Atlas Program.

Farahat Bello, Atlas Intern


Major: Health Management
Student Organizations: Interfaith Alliance, Minority Association of Pre-Health Students, International Ambassadors, Muslim Student Association, Model United Nations

Why Atlas? I have always wanted the experience of being part of planning a grand event like Atlas Week.


Robbie Dealey, Atlas Intern

Majors: Political Science and History
Student Organizations: Diversity and Unity Learning Community, KSLU, SLU Pepband

Why Atlas? I'm so excited to be a part of Atlas Week to not only learn more about the world, but how I can help be a part of it!



Sarah Gianni, Atlas Intern


Majors: Political Science, International Studies, History
Minor: Italian Studies
Student Organizations: Amnesty International Club, Upper Room, Sigma Iota Rho

Why Atlas? I wanted to be a part of Atlas because I have always enjoyed getting to see the programming, and believe it is a great way to learn about the interconnectedness of local, national, and global issues.


Patrick Glasgow, Atlas Intern


Majors: International Business and International Studies
Minors: French
Student Organizations: Middle Eastern Student Association, Interfaith Alliance, French Honors Society, and International Ambassadors.

Why Atlas? I wanted to be a part of Atlas because I believe that educating people and spreading awareness on various global problems is very important if we ever want to progress together in our world. I really like Atlas because I think it talks about really interesting topics that are of a major concern on the international level.

Alex Hanel, Atlas Intern


Majors: Political Science, International Studies
Minors: Spanish, Political Journalism
Student Organizations: SLU Political Round Table, The Micah Program, The League of Laughter, Upper Room

Why Atlas? I love that SLU devotes a full week towards forming both an international awareness of serious world issues and also how we as students can work towards helping those that face them. I wanted to be able to take a more hands on role in making this happen.


Tiara Harrison, Atlas Intern


Majors: International Business and International Studies
Student Organizations: VP of Hispanic American Leadership Organization, International Ambassador

Why Atlas? I love ATLAS because it expands your global worldview all in one week over such a variety of topics that there is always something for everyone!



Cassie Houghton, Atlas Intern



Majors: Anthropology and Communication
Student Organizations:
Atlas Program, Anthropology Club, and National Residence Hall Honorary

Why Atlas? I've been participating in the Atlas Program since my freshmen year as an ambassador and general attendee and have really enjoyed those experiences and wanted to get more involved with Atlas this year. I like that Atlas strives to widen people's perspectives on the world not only through addressing and raising awareness for global issues, but also by putting an emphasis on how people can get involved in these issues and embrace their global citizenship.

Merette Khalil, Atlas Intern

Majors: Public Health and International Studies
Minor: Business Administration
Student Organizations: Middle Eastern Student Association, Students United For Africa, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the Micah Program, International Ambassadors, iLead.

Why Atlas? The universe is enormous and intricate whereas we are so small; no matter how much we travel or learn, there is always more to see and discover. ATLAS week is an awesome way to learn about local and global social justice and how we, as members of this giant spider web, can be a part of it.

Nicole Kim, Atlas Intern



Major: Public Health
Student Organizations: Student Government, Oriflamme, Kappa Delta Sorority, SLU 101 Leader, SLU Ambassadors, Upper Room Praise & Worship Music Ministry, Panhellenic Executive Council, Global Brigades.

Why Atlas? Atlas Week comprises of a variety of different events and speakers that touch on some of the biggest global issues in the world. This annual week at SLU broadens your way of thinking and as an Intern I am excited to be able to become more involved.


Molly Loughran, Atlas Intern

Major: Public Health
Minor: Spanish
Student Organizations: Great Issues Committee (E-board) and Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Honor Society (President).

Why Atlas? I wanted to be a part of Atlas because the event brings together an incredible group of people. The dedication to global change that is present is inspiring and I wanted to be a part of continuing the tradition.