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2016 Atlas Program Interns

Meet our interns! The Atlas Program has several interns in the spring semester that are essential in providing support for the programming, publicity, and logistics of Atlas Week. Get to know our current interns, and learn about why they wanted to be a part of the Atlas Program.

Cassie Novinger, Atlas Intern


Major: Public Health, International Studies
Organizations: The Micah Program, Chi Alpha

Why Atlas? I'm so excited for the chance to help create a space for growing in awareness of and interaction with the beautiful, complex, and changing world and people around us, and to learn something new myself!

Molly Farmer


Majors: Political Science, International Studies
Organizations: The Micah Program, Kappa Alpha Theta, Residence Hall Association, Student Government Association

Why Atlas? I'm so excited for the chance to help create a space for growing in awareness of and interaction with the beautiful, complex, and changing world and people around us, and to learn something new myself! 

Kimberly Webb, Atlas Intern


Majors: International Studies, History
Minor: Italian, Russian
Organizations: Italian Club, Women's Micah, Rainbow Alliance

Why Atlas? I'm so excited to be a part of Atlas Week to not only learn more about the world, but how I can help be a part of it!

Johanna Reedy, Atlas Intern


Major: Public Health 
Minor: Education
Organizations: Micah, SLU/WashU Lutheran Campus Ministry

Why Atlas? I am involved in Atlas because I think it is so important to not only gain knowledge of and understand these global issues, but also to be a part of spreading the word to others.

Ellen Curry, Atlas Intern


Majors: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Minors: Global and Local Social Justice
Organizations: Beyond All Reason A Cappella, Kino Border Initiative, Overground Railroad to Literacy, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Why Atlas? I want to expand my knowledge of and strengthen my engagement with global issues, and encourage my peers to become active world citizens as well! I am also eager to develop my leadership, administrative, and teamwork skills.


Major: Political Science
Minor: Middle Eastern Studies
Organizations: Club Tennis, Middle Eastern Students Association

Why Atlas? I find global citizenship an essential part of being an educated college student. Participating in Atlas Week is my effort to become a better global citizen who ceases to see injustices and human rights violations on a national level, but rather begins to see them on a global scale and engage in solutions for them.

Kaitlin Carpenter, Atlas Intern


Majors: Political Science
Minors: Middle Eastern Studies
Organizations: Pi Sigma Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theata

Why Atlas? I'm involved in Atlas because I think it is important for everyone to not only be aware and knowledgeable about global issues, but also to strive to make a change in these injustices. In the past I've given my own Atlas events, and I appreciate how they push you to think about what global citizenship actually means.


Major: Economics, International Studies
Minors: Spanish, Urban Poverty Studies, Philosophy
Organizations: Micah Program, International Peer Mentor, International Ambassador

Why Atlas? Atlas, to me, is all about celebrating the interconnectivity and diversity of the global community. I am excited to learn about the global issues other students are passionate about and to enable others to explore our complex societies.


Major: Business Administration, Economics Concentration
Minor: Math

Why Atlas? Atlas brings individuals together regarding global issues, helping students, faculty, and staff better the world around them. As a foreign born Bosnian-American, I find it exceedingly valuable to learn about other cultures and traditions. I aspire to make a greater impact on the SLU community through Atlas and am enthusiastic to represent those whose voices are scarcely represented.


Major: Psychology
Minor: Computer Science

Why Atlas? When I experienced Atlas Week for the first time, I was amazed at how my thirst for information, inspiration and inter-cultural celebration was satiated all at once! The week of learning and celebration instantly became my favorite week of the year. The logical next step was to contribute, so here I am, a happy intern spreading the educational and cultural wealth.

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