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Volunteer for ATLAS Week 2018

There are several ways to get involved with Atlas Week. You can:

  • Join the Planning Committee
  • Be an Atlas Week Ambassador
  • Volunteer at the Billiken World Festival
  • Be a flag bearer at the Parade of Nations
  • Be an Atlas Program intern

If you are interested in any of these opportunities other than the internship, please sign up here. For those interested in the internship, please email Dr. Lorenzini at

Atlas Ambassadors
Atlas Ambassadors are the official representatives of the Atlas Planning Committee at each event during Atlas Week. To be an Atlas Ambassador, you will be assigned events based on your availability during Atlas Week (April 2-8). Anyone can be an Atlas Ambassador! Ambassadors have the following responsibilities:

  • Stamp passports of students attending the event
  • Introduce speakers at the events to which you are assigned
  • Troubleshoot technology and make sure the room is set up properly for each event
  • Do a head count so we can accurately record attendance to each event
  • Promote the Signature Symposium and other key events
  • Attend the Signature Symposium and the Billiken World Festival

In addition to being able to attend multiple events during Atlas Week, Atlas Ambassadors are also invited to a private reception with the keynote speaker following the Keynote Address on Thursday evening. It is a great way to help expand SLU's commitment to being a globalized campus. If you are interested in being an Atlas Ambassador, please sign up here.

Billiken World Festival Volunteers
Volunteers will be needed to help with the Billiken World Festival on Friday, April 13. The festival lasts from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. in the Center for Global Citizenship. Student organizations offer delicious foods representing their respective cultures, heritages, and countries. The festival also features live cultural music and dance performances. Volunteers are needed before the festival to help with set-up, during the festival assisting food and other booths, and at the conclusion of the festival to help with break-down. If you are interested in being an volunteer, please sign up here.

Parade of Nations Flag Bearers
The Parade of Nations kicks off the Billiken World Festival and features SLU students carrying flags from around the world. The Parade starts at the Science Quad and marches across Grand to the Clock Tower before entering the Center for Global Citizenship. The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. and lasts until 12:00 p.m. on Friday, April 13. On the day of the parade, signed permission slips from the Dean of Students will be granted to those students who wish to leave class early or arrive late in order to participate in the parade. If you are interested in signing up to carry a flag in the Parade of Nations, please sign up here.

Atlas Planning Committee
The Atlas Planning Committee meets periodically throughout the year, beginning early in the Fall semester, to plan and coordinate Atlas Week events. If you would like to join the planning committee, please sign up here.

Atlas Interns
Each spring, Atlas interns are divided into subcommittees - Programming, Internal Publicity, External Publicity, Billiken World Festival, and Scheduling & Webpage - to get the bulk of the work done for Atlas. If you are interested in an intern position for Spring 2018, please email Dr. Michelle Lorenzini at

Please sign up using your SLU email account.

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