Saint Louis University

Film: "Mountains Will Move"

2014 Sam and Marilyn Fox Atlas Week

Friday, April 4
10:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Busch Student Center 253 A

Sponsored By: College of Arts & Sciences, Film Studies Program, Department of English, Center for Intercultural Studies, Department of Fine and Performing Arts, and Center for International Studies at Saint Louis University in partnership with the Seventh Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival, sponsored by the E. Desmond Lee Endowed Professorship in African/African American Studies of the International Studies and Programs at the University of Missouri-St. Louis

Film description follows: "In the shadow of Africa's highest peaks, a new generation of Tanzanian girls struggle to overcome poverty and inequality. On the other side of the world, an all-female group of Australian teenagers sets out to raise money and awareness by taking on a challenge of new heights. What begins as a movement to offer a helping hand turns into a journey for two groups of young women that will climb together side by side to reach for the top of one of the highest mountains in Africa, Mount Meru (14,977 feet). Theirs is a touching story that reminds us that the efforts of working together can yield unimaginable results, and that by empowering girls today we ensure a brighter world for the women of tomorrow."

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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