Saint Louis University

The 11th Annual Sam and Marilyn Fox ATLAS Week Program was held the week of April 4, 2011. The theme was "Global Justice: Meeting Basic Human Needs." More than 100 events were scheduled during the week. To find out more about the events held around campus, please visit our 2011 calendar.

The keynote address by Irene Khan was held Thursday, April 7th, in the Busch Student Center, Wool Grand Ballroom at 5:30 p.m. She discussed "From Basic needs to Human Rights:  A New Paradigm for Social Justice."  Ms. Khan was the 7th Secretary General of Amnesty International--the first woman, the first Asian and the first Muslim to guide the world's largest human rights organization.

The Atlas Program is designed to recognize the international dimension of Saint Louis University's academic programs and to celebrate SLU's role in international education and service in light of our Jesuit tradition. Over the course of its evolution, this one-week program has expanded its mission and has become an important program for promoting global civic engagement at SLU. One of the main goals of the Atlas Program is to increase awareness of the global issues that confront us today in an effort not only to promote discussion, but to inspire and inform action. It focuses on what we as global citizens can do to contribute to a better life for all people now and in the future. The Atlas Program is unique in that,for one week of the year, it brings together members of the University community to focus on the global challenges that confront us in the 21st century. The events held during the week are designed to achieve five main goals:

  • To educate our students and increase their awareness of issues of global injustice
  • To inspire and inform student activism regarding issues of global injustice
  • To build a community of scholars at SLU whose teaching and research focuses on global challenges by forging interdisciplinary ties and collaboration across the university
  • To foster faculty and student cooperation in the area of international service
  • To promote cross-cultural understanding

The Billiken World Festival was held on Friday, April 8th. The Parade of Nations kicked off the Festival which also featured live cultural music and dance, academic and student information booths, and international cuisine.