Building Research & Educational Collaborations between China & Saint Louis University


The purpose of this 1.5 hour seminar is two-fold:

(1) Two physicians* who are faculty at Saint Louis University (SLU) will present their research and educational collaborations that involve Chinese universities and hospitals. (1 hour)

(2) Attendees of this seminar will be invited to briefly describe their experiences and collaborations in China. The two main speakers will then lead a discussion about potential intramural collaborations among schools within SLU and future directions for building research and educational collaborations with China. (30 minutes)

Joseph Walline, MD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine at Saint Louis University. He is also the Director of International Emergency Medicine and the Director of Emergency Ultrasound for my division.

He will discuss the following:

Educational collaborations: Dr. Walline has studied Mandarin Chinese and done research in Emergency Medicine in China since 1999. He has worked collaboratively with physicians in Beijing at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine and also at Peking University People's Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine on exchange programs since 2006 when he was a resident in Emergency Medicine (EM) in New York. That program brought 10 EM physicians from Beijing to NYC for rotations in EM and likewise brought 10 physicians from NYC to Beijing. This program has continued at Saint Louis University, with the first visitor from Beijing coming last spring.

Research: Dr. Walline started a survey project of EM training programs in Beijing in 2007. He has presented his results at two national meetings in 2009 and 2011, and submitted a manuscript this year detailing the results. He plans to re-survey the same sites this year as part of a five-year follow-up survey project.

*Joseph H. Flaherty, MD is Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Geriatrics at Saint Louis University. He is also Associate Chairman for Clinical Affairs for the Internal Medicine Department.

Dr. Flaherty spent a 1-year sabbatical in China during academic year 2005-2006, visiting three different universities. His article, "China: the Aging Giant", published in 2007, describes that experience and the state of geriatrics in China. Since his sabbatical, he has collaborated with the Geriatrics Department at West China Hospital, Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.

He will discuss the following:

Educational collaborations: Dr. Flaherty visits West China Hospital yearly, for invited lectures. Last year, he and Dr. John Morley, Director of the Division of Geriatrics, with the support a grant from the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics and the World Health Organization held the a conference for over 500 physicians and other health care professionals on geriatrics. Since 2007, an average of four SLU medical students (4th years) have done a one-month elective "Geriatrics in China" at West China Hospital.

Research: In collaboration with Dr. Birong Dong, Director of the Geriatrics Department at West China Hospital, Dr. Flaherty has published several research papers about a long-lived population from a city called Dujiangyan, about 30 kilometers from Chengdu, China. The population of interest included 870 Dujiangyan residents, aged 90-108 years. Two of the most recent papers were, "Observational Study of One-Year Mortality Rates before and after a Major Earthquake among Chinese Nonagenarians" in Journals of Gerontology (2011) and "Predictors of 4-Year Mortality among Nonagenarians and Centenarians in Dujiangyan, China" in Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice (2012).

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