Education: The Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty


Students United for Africa (SUFA) is a student organization that aims to celebrate the beauty of Africa and its many cultures, raise awareness about issues throughout the continent, and promote action in the SLU community. We are dedicated to promoting education as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty. We sponsor a school in northern Ghana in a village called Manyoro.

Located in the poorest region of the country, most of Manyoro's citizens live on less than a dollar per day. With over 1,800 students in attendance, Manyoro's village has the highest enrollment rate in the country, yet the school's lack of resources makes it difficult for the students to receive a quality education. Many students walk to school from up to 10 miles away, and spend the majority of their day with empty stomachs, without basic school supplies. Our goal is to create an environment conducive to learning, in hopes that we may give these students the opportunity to grow and advocate themselves in a place that encourages rather than hinders success.

This presentation will detail those efforts, as well as expand upon the idea that education is the key to breaking that cycle, not only in Africa, but throughout the world. We offer a unique perspective as a student organization working for other students across the world. In this presentation, we will discuss the idea that education is a human right, not just a privilege.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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