Empowering Yourself or Others Through a Foreign Language


The students on this panel from both SLU and Webster University will relate how the knowledge of a foreign language has helped empower themselves or others.

John LaMaster (SLU): "Foreign Language and Medicine"
Rachel Treloar (Webster University): "Teaching English in Northern Thailand"
Jack Lynn (SLU): "Common Voices - Common Good"
Kate Brooks (Webster University): "Translating for Doctors in Peru"
Kurt Curtis (SLU): "Vulnerability, Uselessness and Foreign Language as a Means of Empowerment"

Moderator: Dr. Reinhard Andress, Professor of German, Associate Dean for Graduate Education, College of Arts and Sciences

This event is sponsored by the Regional Collaboration in Languages and Cultures (RCLC). The RCLC recognizes that there is a dynamic international community across the universities in the St. Louis region. It strives to create opportunities for collaboration for the purpose of enhancing our students' educational preparation in today's era of increasing globalization.


Higher purpose. Greater good.
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