Film: Colors of the Dominican Carnival


Film: Colors of the Dominican Carnival
Donna Pinnick, Ruben Duran (54m, USA)

Come view the film , Colors of the Dominican Carnival, with the Director, Producer, and Executive Producer, Donna Pinnick!

The colorful, chaotic, subversive, upside down world of carnival in the Dominican Republic is explored in a new documentary, Colores del Carnaval Dominicano. Colores took shape over the course of four years as filmmakers Ruben Duran and Donna Pinnick travelled three times to the Dominican Republic and shot hundreds of hours; over a terabyte of digital film of interviews with mask makers, musicians, anthropologists, and the masqueraders who create the characters at the heart of carnival. They took to the streets of Santo Domingo to capture the joyful chaos, outrageous costumes, bizarre characters mugging for the camera. The result is a documentary set to the dancing rhythms of merengue, a tribute to the Dominican people, to their imagination, resilience and pride.

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