Films - Dominica: Charter a Future for Paradise and Donsoya: The Way of the Hunter


"Public History & Personal Space in Africa & the Caribbean."
Films: Dominica: Chartering a Future for Paradise
Wyatt Bardouille (36m, Dominica, USA)

Dominica: Charting a Future for Paradise is a story about the nature island of Dominica. It is a story of vision and determination, about how this this small Caribbean country overcomes the challenges of nature, limited resources and a stagnant population to sustain herself as an independent nation. In 2008, Dominica celebrated 30 years of independence from Great Britain with an extraordinary nationwide reunion. It was a time for Dominica, local and abroad, to reflect on past struggles and achievements and share a vision of their future.

Donsoya, The Way of the Hunter (Donsoya, la voie du chasseur)
Sebastien Bariller (43m, France, Mali)
We invite you to discover the amazing world of the West African traditional hunters' brotherhoods. Most precisely, you'll get introduced to malinke master hunters in Mali, who'll explain the goals and rules of their ancient society.

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