Global Brigades Discussion Panel


Global Brigades is an international organization that connects university students from the U.S. with underdeveloped communities in Honduras, Panama, and Ghana. Each year Saint Louis University sends brigades during Christmas break to assist Global Brigades in their efforts. The student-run group at SLU has experienced dramatic expansion over the last few years and is excited to continue this trend. A few years ago we sent our first brigade of less than 20 people to Honduras. This past year we sent five separate brigades to three different countries, one of which was our largest brigade to date- consisting of 49 people. The Global Brigades organization works with several different disciplines including: architecture, business, dental, environmental, law, micro-finance, medical, public health, and water. Please visit for more information about this organization and its efforts. Our panel will discuss the personal experiences of members who have recently participated in a brigade and will answer any questions for those potentially interested in helping other communities abroad. It will also focus on concepts such as community health and how to make improvements in these countries that are long-term and sustainable.

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