Grassroots Action: Practical Models for Dismantling Racism in St. Louis


The hope for the event is threefold:
1. Have a better understanding of the nuanced structures under-girding racism in St. Louis
2. Learn from area leaders who actively challenge these structures
3. Initiate a process of reflection that allows students to apply their studies to working against the structures of racism in the St. Louis area

To begin, Dr. Onésimo Sandoval, SLU professor of Sociology, will explain the historical forces and policy decisions supporting structural forms of racism in St. Louis. Following this presentation, we will have guests from local grade schools engaged in working against these structures. Specifically, the school principals will speak of the Readers to Leaders program, which has students break traditional racial and socio-economic boundaries to learn from each other. Finally, we will have a roundtable discussion of how students can apply their studies to engaging and challenging these structures of racism in a practical way.


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