SLU ISA Spring Show 2012


The Indian Student Association is hosting their annual Spring Show on Friday March 30th at 7:00pm and Saturday March 31st at 6:30pm. The ISA Spring Show celebrates a culture with tremendous diversity, a culture that holds many traditions, values, languages, and beliefs across a wide range of people. As students raised in this vast culture, ISA hopes to share their culture with the SLU community through a creative showcase filled with many extraordinary dances, classical and modern singing arrangements, clever skits, and many other entertaining acts. Continually rated as one of the best shows on campus year in and year out, the ISA Spring Show is definitely one of the best ways to learn and experience what the culture of India has to offer.

This year, the proceeds from the Spring Show will go towards two charities that ISA has taken up this year: Deepalaya and Gateway 180. Deepalaya is an NGO located in Delhi, India that is geared towards serving the urban and rural poor in India, with a specific focus on serving children. Gateway 180 is a local St. Louis homeless shelter providing emergency shelter and relief for children and women in the urban community. With these proceeds, ISA hopes to make a difference in these two communities that, while much different from each other in terms of location and complexity, are in need of continued care and support.

Tickets for the ISA Spring Show are $10 and can be purchased during the two weeks leading up to the show in the BSC. Donations are always welcome. We hope to see you all there!

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