The U.S. Military as a Service Orgainzation: The Tsunami in Indonesia & the Earthquake in Hatti


From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, the U.S. military maintains the world's
largest supply of emergency relief and personnel and equipment for disasters, whether natural
of man-made, providing the global vanguard for getting to these places the "Firstest with the
Mostest." It was U.S. Navy helicopters that choppered the the first wave of relief supplies and
medical aid to Tsunami victims in Sumatra, and the U.S. Air Force that assumed responsibilities
for aerial transport into Haiti after its devastating earthquake. Ironically enough, the military
certainly provides the United States the core of its "hard" power, but it is less recognized that
much of America's "soft" power also comes from the military.

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