Film: My Perestroika (2010): A Viewing & Discussion


In this award-winning documentary, filmmaker Robin Hessman presents an intimate portrait of five Soviet classmates as they encounter the promise of freedom envisioned by Gorbachev, respond to the spirit of democracy promoted by Yeltsin, and struggle with thwarted expectations in today's increasingly autocratic Moscow. Home movies from the 1970s and 1980s, historical footage, and first-hand testimonials allow the viewer to experience the hopes and disappointments of both idealists and conformists through the diverse narratives of teachers, a punk rocker, an entrepreneur, and a single mother. Come see Russia's recent history through the eyes of those who lived it! Following the film, a panel of faculty members will discuss the challenges faced by this last generation of Soviet children as they emerge from behind the Iron Curtain during Russia's tumultuous transitions.

Speakers: Dr. Ellen Carnaghan (Department of Political Science), Dr. Elizabeth Blake (Department of Modern and Classical Languages- Russian Division), Dr. Yelena Belyaeva-Standen (Department of Modern and Classical Languages- Russian Division), Natasha Makarova (Department of Modern and Classical Languages- Russian Division), and Dr. Irma Kuljanishvili (Department of Physics).

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