Saint Louis University

Billiken World Festival

Friday, April 12

Every April, the International Student Federation (ISF) and the Cross Cultural Center organize the hugely successful Billiken World Festival, which caps off the Atlas Week Program. The Parade of Nations kicks off the Billiken World Festival activities and features SLU students carrying flags from around the world. At the Billiken World Festival, student organizations offer delicious foods representing their respective cultures, heritages, and countries.

The festival also features live cultural music and dance performances on the Quad. Previous festivals featured the Japanese Taiko drummers, Middle-Eastern Belly Dancers, as well as dances from Spain, Ireland, and the Philippines. The Billiken World Festival is the first large-scale diversity program organized on campus, with more than 40 different student groups, university departments and over eighteen hundred students coming together in a celebration of culture and diversity. Interested in securing a booth for the festival? View the Billiken World Festival Submissions Form Page!

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