Saint Louis University

Idealism & Impact: Lessons from Haiti

Friday, April 12
Learning Resource Center, Pitlyk Auditorium A

Geared toward any student interested in volunteering abroad in the developing world, this student-led presentation will center around experiences and perspectives gained by two SLU students, a medical student and premedical undergraduate, from a 2011 summer mission trip to Haiti with Randolph World Ministries, a Christian medical aid organization. They will focus on the structure, the accomplishments, and the challenges of the trip, as well as the team's infectious disease and sickle cell anemia research efforts. The presenters will then "zoom out" to critically examine their work within the greater context: that of student volunteerism in developing countries and also the work of religious and secular non-governmental organizations in Haiti, which has been called as "the Republic of NGOs." Heavily stressed will be the importance of fostering cultural competency and understanding as well as stepping outside one's own comfort zone in volunteering effectively abroad.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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