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The Rule of Law in Afghanistan: A Reassessment for the Atlas Program

2014 Sam and Marilyn Fox Atlas Week

Tuesday, April 1
1:00 - 2:00 p.m.
Busch Student Center 253 B

Sponsored By: Department of Political Science

For over a decade Western governments and NGOs have sought to transform Afghanistan's legal system using a top-down strategy of rewriting its Constitution, establishing legal codes, reorganizing courts, training judges and attorneys on Western standards, standing up bar associations etc. Many current indicators are that this transformation has not "trickled down" to the local Afghan level and as Western forces withdraw the fear grows that the new Afghan legal system may not be self-sustaining in a post-intervention environment. In this presentation, Dr. Jeanne Rueth will ask if there was/is an alternate, more grassroots strategy for legal development that might have been more successful in the long run.

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