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The Bander Center for Medical Business Ethics was established in 2007 with a generous endowment gift from the BF Charitable Foundation.

The mission of the Bander Center is to promote ethical business practices in medical care and research through the development of training and investigation opportunities for medical students, residents and physicians in practice. The Center's work is guided by the following principles:

  • Bander Center QuoteThe Center will provide learning opportunities for physicians across the full span of their careers, from first year of medical school through retirement.
  • The Center will foster open and critical dialogue. Its speakers and programs may engage controversial positions, but always critically and with responses from scholars when feasible.
  • Recommendations regarding practices and policies will be based upon the best available evidence about physician behavior, its influences and impact on patient care.
  • The Center will seek to promote and model ethically appropriate relationships with industry and other sponsors of medical education and research.

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