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2011 Summer Newsletter

Bander Center Supports Educational Opportunities at Medical School

Recent educational events have included a capstone course for fourth-year medical students on the business of medicine, a case study and lunch & learn sessions with medical students, a visiting lecture on concierge medicine, and a fourth-year elective "Who's buying lunch?"

Bander Capstone

For the second consecutive year, fourth-year medical students at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine completed a required capstone course on topics related to the business of medicine. The course is provided over two weeks in the spring and consists of eight hours of material presented by several faculty members. Topics covered include the U.S. healthcare delivery system, taught by Jason Turner from the School of Public Health; physician compensation, taught by Steven Bander, MD; fraud and other causes of FBI investigators, taught by FBI Special Agent James Applebaum and Assistant U.S. Attorney of the Department of Justice Andrew Lay; and financial conflicts of interest in medicine, taught by Erin Bakanas, MD, MA, Bander Center Associate Director and Director of the Fellowship Program. Bakanas presented clinical cases involving ethical dilemmas in physician-pharma relationships and engaged students in an open discussion about possible solutions.

Lunch and Learn with Students

On February 17th, Griffin Trotter, MD, PhD, Bander Center Associate Director, and Salvador Cruz, a Bander Fellow for 2010-2011, discussed cases in medical business ethics over lunch with a full audience of medical students. They each presented a case with medical business ethics themes and dilemmas, discussed different ethical perspectives and approaches to the problem, and invited student participation in the discussion. The lunch meeting was open to all medical students and was co-sponsored by the medical school's Ethics Interest Group.

Lecture and CME with Thomas Lagrelius, MD

On April 5th, Thomas W. Lagrelius, MD, FAAFP, a family practitioner who specializes in geriatric medicine, gave an evening lecture on concierge medicine, approved for 1.0 AMA Category 1 credit. Lagrelius serves as the Chairman and Immediate Past President of the Board of the American Academy of Private Physicians (AAPP), a professional society for concierge and direct practice physicians. The lecture was entitled "Concierge Medicine, An Innovative Medical Practice Design Whose Time has Come," and drew about 50 physicians, medical students, and ethics students. Lagrelius owns and operates Skypark Preferred Family Care in Torrance, California, a concierge practice that he believes should serve as the model for the future of primary care in the United States. He promoted this type of practice as the best design for providing preventative and quality health care to patients that is economically sustainable in the long term. His lecture was followed by questions by attendees, many exploring the ethical issues raised by concierge medicine. To view his lecture slides click here.

Who's Buying Lunch? Senior Elective at Medical School

Erin Bakanas, MD, MA, has continued to provide an elective reading course, "Who's Buying Lunch?" to fourth-year medical students at SLU. Over the past year, 19 students took the course. The elective explores the relationship of medicine and academic medicine to the pharmaceutical industry. Bakanas noted that the elective has been successful in that students have engaged the material with creative interest and questions. Furthermore, students have prepared to chart the future of such relationships by challenging the current education system and its relationships with medical industry.



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