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The Social Media Accounts You Need to Follow

You’ve refreshed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at least 10 times in the last hour, and there’s nothing new. Looks like it’s time to add some new pages to your feeds.

Following SLU is as easy as a few clicks.

Saint Louis University Facebook

Why you should like it: Your mom has probably already tagged you in a post on this page, and there is a good reason why. There are plenty of pictures and videos of life on campus plus stories on cool research, campus events and student profiles. You can also find contests where you can win some SLU swag. And you obviously want to win some swag.

Saint Louis University Instagram

Why you should follow: You know what filter the clock tower looks best in? All of them. You’ll find SLUlips (our affectionate word for tulips on campus), SLU events and, of course, the best SLU study spots. Besides that, if you’ve tagged SLU in a photo or visited campus at a time when your photo might have been taken, you might see yourself featured in one of the shots!

Saint Louis University Twitter

Why you should follow: We know you’re busy and/or have a short attention span. We’re here for you. If you want the latest SLU news and events in 60 seconds or less, follow @SLU_Official on Twitter.

Saint Louis University Youtube

Why you should subscribe: You just finished a pretty intense Netflix binge and don’t know what to do next. Try SLU’s Youtube to get out of that post-binge funk. You’ll find recaps of campus events, student stories and more. It’s no Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but we think you’ll still like it.

All the Social Media, All the Time

You’re already in the following rhythm. Keep it going with these other great follows!

  • Don’t forget about the Billiken, SLU’s mascot! See SLU through the Billiken’s eyes on Snapchat (and he always knows where free food is on campus so everyone wins). Follow the Billiken on Twitter and Facebook to see photos and posts especially for students, too.
  • University President Dr. Fred Pestello’s Twitter is a prime place to interact with the president and get a look at his day-to-day life.
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about your career so connect with SLU on LinkedIn, too.
  • Get ideas for decorating your dorm room, tips about eating healthy on campus and links to our favorite SLU merchandise on Pinterest.
  • Looking for the latest scores and player news from Billiken sports teams? The Billiken Athletics Facebook page and Twitter accounts for every sport have you covered.
  • If you already have dreams of one day studying on the other side of the Atlantic, see what SLU-Madrid is up to on their Facebook and Twitter.

With so many great events happening all over SLU, be sure to follow your academic program’s social media accounts, too. That way, you’ll never miss out on great speakers, study groups and extracurricular opportunities. Have a suggestion for a SLU account everyone should follow? Tag us @SLU_Official on Twitter, and we might share your rec.