19 Signs That You Are A Billiken

You attended Saint Louis University and...

By SLU Staff Writers

1. You know how to pronounce "Griesedieck." And maybe even spell it.

1. Sign You are a Billiken

Bonus if you know that the Griesedieck complex is named for a St. Louis brewing family

2. You have a favorite Jesuit.

2. Sign You are a Billiken

(That would be Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.) 

3. You've been to Mass at 9 p.m. (or even 10 p.m.) on a Sunday.

3. Sign You are a Billiken

No really. People love it.

4. You've been photographed with more than one of SLU's statues.

4. Sign You are a Billiken

Images from Instagram: @howlocanyougo25, @alex_gerhart, @maddieks, @slu_official

5. You know the history behind what a Billiken is and have explained it to family and friends.

5. Sign You are a Billiken

SLU Billiken, circa 1912

Additional bonus points if you've explained it to fans of SLU's opposing sports teams. Here are some talking points.


6. You've woken up early on a Saturday to help others at "Make a Difference Day."

6. Sign You are a Billiken

So, so early. But so worth it.

7. You've rubbed the Billiken's belly for good luck before exams.

7. Sign You are a Billiken

8. You've heard about 100 different versions of the exorcism story. 

8: Sign You're a Billiken

(And are bummed that it didn't happen on campus.) 

9. You've called a hammock on the Quad.

9. Sign You're a Billiken

10. SLU Blue dominates your wardrobe.

10. Sign You're a Billiken

(We did not compensate this student.)

11. You've dodged a golf cart on your way to class.

11. Sign You are a Billiken

12. You've stood in line for an hour to get a midnight pancake breakfast.

12. Sign You're a Billiken


13. You associate any fleur-de-lis that you see with SLU.

13. Sign You're a Billiken


14. You've been tempted -- BUT NEVER WOULD -- put bubbles into one of the fountains.

14 Signs You're a Billiken

Because this is the nice man who has to take them out again. 

15. You yell "Be a Billiken!" at campus tour groups.

15 Signs You're a Billiken

Because you love this place THAT much.  


16. SLUlips, SLUnatic, and SLUniverse are all perfectly acceptable words.

16 Signs You're a Billiken


17. Your freshman move-in experience was practically effortless, thanks to Oriflamme.

 17 Signs You're a Billiken


18. You'd rather go on a service trip for spring break than to a beach in Florida.

18 Signs You're a Billiken


19. You know how to respond when you hear, "S - A - I - N - T...."

19 Signs You're a Billiken

Hint: L-O-U-I-S


Be a Billiken! 

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