Being a Billiken

So much more than SLU's mascot.

By SLU Staff Writers

So, what is a Billiken? The easy answer is that it's Saint Louis University's mascot, the embodiment of a popular good luck charm from the turn of the 20th century. But at SLU, a Billiken is more.

Being a Billiken

"A Billiken is to be a man or a woman for and with others, first and foremost," says Bianca, a criminal justice major at Saint Louis University.

Being a Billiken means getting an education to better yourself and help others. It is about going out there and changing the world, but also growing your mind, body and soul. Billikens are open, caring and compassionate to all different types of people.

Lifetime Learning at SLU 

"I think that being willing to learn is the most important part of being a Billiken," says Rodney, a communication major at Saint Louis University. Being a Billiken means immersing yourself into the community. 

Community Involvement

"That's really what SLU is all about, broadening your horizons but also remembering that we are all people and we should all be willing to help each other out," says Sean, an economics, French and international studies major at Saint Louis University.

"To me it is symbolic of how SLU is such a unique place," says Julia, a marketing major at Saint Louis University.

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