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By SLU Staff Writers

At SLU, you can make the most out of your first year of college by choosing to live in one of nine Learning Communities, where you and your floormates are all studying the same thing or have a similar interest.

Not only do students in a Learning Community live together in a residence hall and take several courses together, they also participate in service projects, attend events and plan other activities together. Often, you'll meet your closest college friends through your Learning Community.  

Growing Together

Caitlyn, a first-year student at SLU, wanted to join a Learning Community because she really liked the idea of taking classes and living with the same group of people.

"Although I love SLU for so many reasons, my Learning Community is definitely one of the things I love most," Caitlyn said. "It has helped me build close relationships with people that I will be taking classes with for the next few years, allowed me to meet really great professors, and helped me to explore what will hopefully be my future field of study."

Building Lasting Friendships

Another SLU student, Kendra, was on the fence about joining a Learning Community while she was filling out her housing application, but ultimately decided that it would be a great way to make friends and meet people who had similar interests.

"I am really glad that I decided to join a Learning Community because it has been my favorite part of my first year," Kendra said. "It's how I have met all of my closest friends. It also helped me adjust to college life, because of all the events they put on and the opportunities to study with my floor. I recommend that everyone coming to SLU try it."

You can learn more about SLU's Learning Communities and discover which one might be right for you at

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