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What is a Learning Community?

Not into the typical dorm experience? At SLU you can choose to live in a learning community, a residential experience that supports a specific interest that they have outside the class. Our Freshman Interest Groups, or FIGs, are a smaller subset of those learning communities, that let students explore two or three of their classes together during the fall semester.

Many of the students in your SLU learning community or FIG are probably going to be taking the same classes with you for the next four years, notes Los Angeles native Johnathan, "They actually do become your best friends," he says.

Becca, a SLU student from Chicago, says she really enjoys living in community with the people she shares interests with, but it's even better to then attend classes with those people.

"The people I lived with the first year are still some of my greatest friends," says Becca. "Just living in close proximity to people is going to bring you together."

The dean of the John Cook School of Business, Rob Boyle, says that FIGs help students to grow in multiple ways. "It allows students to find a community in two senses -- socially in their residence hall and also academically in these classes that they are co-enrolled in."

You'll learn a lot about college life from the people you live with, but SLU also offers a one-credit course to help you navigate all of the challenges that higher education can present with University 101.

Take our quiz to figure out which learning community is right for you.

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