SLU 101

Summer Orientation at SLU

By SLU Staff Writers

Your First Look at Freshman Year

From the moment new SLU students step on our St. Louis, Missouri, campus for their three-day summer orientation, they are part of the Billiken community.

SLU 101 gives students a 36-hour taste of what college life is going to be like and for many new Billikens, the connections they make during SLU 101 show that they've definitely made the right college choice. Incoming freshman get a chance to start exploring SLU's campus and really get to know their peers. They also get to meet upperclassmen, the SLU 101 leaders, who are typically in their same majors and can offer personal insights about what they went through during their freshmen year and how they've progressed throughout their university experience at SLU.

A Schedule Built for Families

The SLU 101 schedule is built just for families, to help you in your transition to college. You and your parents get to hear about what resources are available on campus - academic and social - and learn how to be involved at SLU.

"I think it was hard on my parents to see me go," says Enrique, a student from Omaha, Nebraska. "I think at the same time for my parents, it was also a very rewarding experience that they got to see their child become something bigger."

To learn more about what you can expect once you arrive on SLU's campus in the fall, check out our Fall Welcome video.

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