University 101

A crash course in succeeding at Saint Louis Univeristy

By SLU Staff Writers

First-year students at Saint Louis University are encouraged to enroll in University 101 during their first semester on campus. These small, once-a-week classes of approximately 20 students allow you to learn more about the transition to college and become connected to the SLU community. 

One student describes U101 as "an adjustment to college course" that helps students get acquainted with the university and the resources offered at Saint Louis University.

What You'll Learn in U101

"[U101] talks about academic preparation and pressures of being a college student," explains Patrice French, the program director at SLU's Student Success Center. "It gives students an exposure to the Jesuit mission and talks about what the campus means by their diversity inclusion efforts. And the class provides a variety of ways for students to think about 'How am I making this jump from high school to college'."

 "U101 is really for the students," says Ginge Kettenbach, SLU professor of physical therapy. "It's there to help them succeed. It's not there for any other reason, so take full advantage of it in every single way."

What Comes Next?

Once you complete U101, you'll be better prepared to make friends, more comfortable with living on campus and better-informed about the range of resources available to you at Saint Louis University.

Some of those resources include academic advising and the Student Success Center. Learn more about ways SLU helps students succeed.


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