Saint Louis University


Department History

The department will be celebrating 85 years of service to the laboratory community in 2014. Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science (formerly Medical Technology and Clinical Laboratory Science) has as its mission, the service of humanity through the education of healthcare professionals in diagnostic laboratory medicine. In addition, the faculty are dedicated to developing the required competencies and values in our students and to encouraging each of you to attain your fullest potential. The department has been continuously accredited during it's history.

Currently the department houses three baccalaureate degrees and four certificate programs.The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science was the first to be offered. This degree prepares graduates for a career in a clinical laboratory setting in a hospital, clinic or physician's office lab.In the fall of 2002, the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Science introduced a second Bachelor of Science degree option in Investigative and Medical Sciences. In 2007, the Cytotechnology Program joined the department, rounding out our laboratory educational programs. The CT program was formed in 1995 at another institution and has been continually accredited since it's inception.

Mission Statement