Cytotechnology Program

Professional Certification

Certification in Cytotechnology is a mandatory process in which graduates of Cytotechnology programs sit for a national certification examination. By taking and passing the nationally administered examination the graduate is certified as a CT(ASCP) and may practice Cytotechnology.

The organization that certifies Cytotechnologists is:

The American Society of Clinical Pathologists

Toll Free: (800) 267-2727

Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure has traditionally been a state level process designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. The practice of medicine is considered a "states rights" issue. Each state maintains its own regulations on medical practice, whether for a physician, nurse, pharmacist or allied health professional.

Cytotechnologists must be licensed in some states in the United States in order to practice Cytotechnology. Contact state regulatory agencies for specific state information.

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