Saint Louis University

The Cytotechnology student must possess or have the ability to achieve certain competencies to successfully complete the curriculum. These competencies include knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary for professional practice. The essential requirements outlined below are presented for applicants and matriculates to review and use to assess their ability to successfully complete degree requirements. If you have any questions regarding your ability to achieve any of these essential requirements you can clarify your concerns by contacting a faculty member within the Cytotechnology Program. If you perceive you will require special accommodations to meet these requirements, you must notify your Cytotechnology advisor or the BLS department chair to arrange for University level assessment.

The Cytotechnology student must be able to:

  • In course assignments and within the laboratory practice setting, apply theoretical knowledge, ethical practice and sound judgment in following problem situations to their logical conclusions. 
  • Assimilate mathematical and scientific data to allow application of basic principles in concrete situations related to laboratory practice and test interpretation. 
  • Physically manipulate themselves and small objects (20 pounds or less) within the laboratory/clinical/research setting in a safe and effective fashion. 
  • Display a functional level of manual dexterity in the performance of laboratory testing including fine needle aspirations and numerous other laboratory procedures requiring delicate manipulations and in the utilization of computerized instrumentation. 
  • Demonstrate functional use of their senses including but not limited to: 
    • Visual acuity in distinguishing color stained cells, colorimetric endpoints and subtle microscopic differences between diagnostic elements in clinical specimen when examined under a microscope and/or displayed on a monitor. 
    • Sense of touch to distinguish temperature discrimination for safety purposes. 
    • Visual acuity and accurate transcription in the reporting of testing data and quality control information in a written or computer generated format.
  • Utilize effective and respectful written and oral communication skills in professional interactions with patients, colleagues, and other health care professionals.
  • Accurately perform complex technical procedures under stressful working conditions (e.g. emergency situations, ambiguous orders, heavy workload, and a distracting and noisy environment) and within reasonable time constraints.
  • Comprehend and adhere to policies and regulations as prescribed by appropriate governing agencies. These policies are generally but not exclusively related to competent, ethical and safe practice.
  • Submit to and receive a satisfactory report on criminal background checks and drug testing for substances of abuse.
  • Transfer applicants will be accepted on the basis of clinical site availability.