Investigative and Medical Sciences Program

Investigative and Medical Laboratory Sciences

What is Investigative and Medical Sciences?

This degree is designed mainly as a preparatory degree for post-baccalaureate studies, especially medical school. The Bachelor of Science in Investigative and Medical Sciences offers a strong base in both basic sciences and medically related coursework. The uniquely flexible curriculum is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, attitudes and skills will enhance their competitive edge as they seek employment or pursue medical school graduate school or professional programs.

Curricular Tracks:

Why Investigative and Medical Sciences at SLU?

  • Medically relevant coursework ideal to prepare graduates for health professional schools including medicine, physician assistant, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, etc.
  • Built- in research project with the opportunity to publish with faculty member.
  • Medical scholar, pre-professional health, pre-physician assistant curriculum options are available
  • Undergraduate opportunities to conduct research and produce projects and papers acceptable for publication and presentation at professional conferences
  • Opportunities to participate in professional conferences with SLU BLS faculty and fellow students
  • Low student to faculty ratio




Freshman Admission

Transfer Admission
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