Daily Reflection: December 14, 2011

Memorial of Saint John of the Cross, priest and doctor of the Church

Is 45:6c-8, 18, 21c-25

Ps 85:9ab and 10, 11-12, 13-14

Lk 7:18b-23

The readings for the day can be found here.

What have we learned from today’s readings? Were we just reading this to read? Or were we just hearing but not listening? I’m sure that many of us have found ourselves not fully listening during class, a presentation or speech, or even during mass. We might not be listening to our parents, teachers, or friends but all in all the one person who we should listen to is God. That’s what’s today’s readings are about. To listen to the truth.

The first reading tells us that God is the only LORD, and no one else. Because God is the truth, one would think entrusting our lives and soul to him would be natural; of course, we at times don’t listen and deviate from what God has been telling us. Jesus, in the Gospel, also implicates how we ought to hear about the wonders being done and that he is indeed the one who is to come. The only reading that explicitly tells us what we ought to be doing is the responsorial psalm, “I will hear what God proclaims.”

Situations arise day to day where we must listen to different people or even ourselves. It causes a dilemma at times because we are hesitant about if someone is right or wrong, or doubting oneself and your decisions that you are making a good decision. This is all natural and part of the learning experience. The one person who we should not hesitate to listen to or doubt anything said is God. He is the one we should put our faith in.

In keeping mind this time of Advent, we must also listen to our hearts and to God so that we may prepare ourselves and be ready for the birth of Jesus. May God bless you.

Diana Santillan is a senior studying International Business and French.  She is President of the Hispanic-American Leadership Organization and Treasurer of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar Society.

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