Monday, 10 December 2012

Monday of the Second Week of Advent

Is 35:1-10

Ps 85:9ab And 10, 11-12, 13-14

Lk 5:17-26

The readings for the day can be found here.


Simply be for one minute.

The presence of the Lord is powerful. The teachers of the law sit there near Jesus, and the paralytic is placed in front of Jesus, into the presence of Jesus. To enter His presence, to sit and gaze at the Beautiful Word spoken into existence and birthed by Our Mother through the Holy Spirit requires assistance from outside sources.

By faith I believe in His presence, and through Him I enter into it. My motivation to sit in His presence, therefore, ultimately results from Him. I also ask others to help me when I am paralyzed. I choose to ask Mary, His Mother and mine, to help me get to places where He teaches, and where He lies down his sweet head, and where He remains, and where He loves, so that I too may sit with Him and learn about Him. And Mary helps me also explore and distinguish that place, the abode of my heart where jackals lurk—wherein He heals and expels the dusky, horrid crevices—in order to allow Him admittance. For the Healer, the Savior of the world resided in the cloister of Mary’s womb for nine months, her blood and His mixed, her heart and body inebriated by the Holy Spirit. She sat with Him often, and her faith was so excellent she bore the Healer to us and for us. She fears not, and rather loves His presence; she allows His will to be done unto her according to His Word. The Lord teaches those who sit in His presence so that those with eager dispositions may be re-formed and glorify God.

Vigilant to her Baby’s needs, Our Mother assists us her children to receive her Son’s redemptive healing. Jesus desires us to be healed. Jesus desires us. Jesus loves us. Our Lovely Lady kissed Him on His tender and mild forehead, and He longs to kiss us with peace in our hard and frightened hearts.

I encourage you to sit in the presence of Our Merciful Lord today and ask Him to show you the jackals in your heart. Simply be still and perceptive. Trust in Him. Ask Mary to help you. You could do it right now, or make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and sit directly in front of Jesus.

May God the Father of Mercies grant us pardon and peace, so that we may go home along the way of his steps to the house of the Lord, and glorify Him forever in our cleansed hearts.

There is a Reconciliation service tonight with individual confessions from 7-8:30 pm in Our Lady’s Chapel in Lower College Church. Come with Our Mother and enter into His presence. Prepare your heart for His inebriation. Receive the sacrament of His peace.

+Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


Naomi Beauclair is a senior theology major and philosophy minor and a member of Sorores in Christo, SLU’s Catholic women’s group.



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