What’s On Our Minds Lately: The Instructional Design Team

by Michaella Thornton, Assistant Director for Instructional Design Penn State University’s “Faculty Self-Assessment: Preparing for Online Teaching” and “Web Learning @ Penn State” developed by the Faculty Engagement subcommittee of Penn State’s Online Coordinating Council Links: https://weblearning.psu.edu/FacultySelfAssessment/ AND http://weblearning.psu.edu/resources The summertime is a great time to reflect on the course design process, especially if you […]

What is Transformational Teaching, and How Do I Do It?

by Debie Lohe, Director, CTTL Here in the Reinert Center, we talk a lot about teaching that transforms – that is, teaching that changes people, altering fundamentally the way learners understand themselves and others, the way they engage in and contribute to their larger world. But transformation is a tall order (especially for those of […]

Tapping into the Collective Wisdom of the Best Blended Course Design Practices

By Michaella Thornton, Assistant Director for Instructional Design For four years I have taught blended, accelerated, and linked first-year composition courses at another learning institution.  Despite having several years experience teaching face-to-face college-level writing and online educational technology courses before teaching a blended course, I had to teach myself a lot about the educational nuances […]

The Art and Science of Creating Learning Environments – The Third Teacher book

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Designer One of the frequent conversations that occur when talking with faculty about the Learning Studio is the relationship between classroom space and technology.  While cameras, video walls, projectors, and other educational technology can be successfully utilized to help provide new approaches for teaching and learning, another component to teaching with […]