Using the Pomodoro Technique to Help You and Your Students Be More Productive

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center The Pomodoro Technique can be a useful approach to help dedicate time and energy to a specific task.  Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s, the technique has become a popular method to set goals, boost productivity, and improve concentration. Named after Cirillo’s tomato shaped timer, the technique […]

Tips for Sustaining Collaborative Learning

by Dipti Subramaniam, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Reinert Center Implementing collaborative learning in the classroom is an exciting process. However, one can quickly learn that incorporating new efforts can be a daunting task for many instructors, especially for first timers. Here are four useful tips for sustaining collaborative learning in the classroom: 1. Plan Think about when […]

Reimagining What You Already Use

by Jerod Quinn, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center The summer can offer a little extra time to look around at what’s going on in the greater teaching and learning community. And because of my personality, I am drawn to new technology like a mosquito to a bug zapper. That may be why I have been thinking […]

The Reinert Center Welcomes Our 2014-2015 Post-Doctoral Fellow and Graduate Assistants

The Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning enthusiastically announces our new Post-Doctoral Fellow and two Graduate Assistants on our staff for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Post-Doctoral Fellow and Graduate Assistants in the Center assist in the administration of the Certificate in University Teaching Skills (CUTS) program, conduct research on teaching and learning topics, […]