Facilitating Diversity Discussions

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center For me, inclusive teaching often begins with the selection of a text that engages diversity as a significant theme (e.g., Alvarez, Bauer, & Eger, 2015). By text, I mean anything from research studies to YouTube videos to service-learning sites. How I select a text depends on the goals […]

New Resource Guides

Two new resource guides have been posted to the Reinert Center website: Creating a Plan for Alternative Assessment of Teaching [LINK] Understanding Student Ratings in Teaching [LINK] If you want to talk with someone about either of these topics in your own classes, you may request a teaching consultation by completing this form [LINK]. If you have ideas for resource […]

Instructor Identity: Part I. Student Implicit Bias

by Gina Merys, Associate Director, Reinert Center As part of our year-long theme, Inclusive Teaching, we have been focusing on ways in which instructors can create equitable learning environments for all of their students. While we examine the variety of student needs and identities in our classrooms, it can be easy to forget that instructor […]

Course Design Strategies for Student Identity Development

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center Student identity development is an expanding interdisciplinary field that strives to identify, describe, predict, and explain behaviors that shape identity (Evans, Forney, Guido, Renn, Patton, 2010). One of the main focus areas for the field is the study of psychosocial events that help shape student identity as college […]

New Resource Guide on Difficult Dialogues

A new resource guide on Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom[LINK] has been posted to the Reinert Center website [LINK]. If you want to talk with someone about difficult dialogues in your own classes, you may request a teaching consultation by completing this form [LINK]. If you have ideas for resource guide topics you would like to […]

Implicit Bias

by Sandy Gambill, Sr. Instructional Developer, Reinert Center Implicit bias is not a new concept, as the 28,100,000 returns on a Google search demonstrate. However, it is a concept that is being discussed in a wide range of situations lately, including the first presidential debate [LINK] of the 2016 election cycle. Harvard’s Project Implicit [LINK] offers perhaps […]