Discovering Student Metacognitive Learning Strategies Using the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center Understanding college student’s internal motivations toward learning can provide useful insight when both designing and teaching a course.  While there are a growing number of tools designed to investigate student motivations towards learning, the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) offers a social cognitive perspective to investigate metacognitive […]

A Few Texts for Teaching To and Within the Jesuit Catholic Mission

We frequently get asked for recommendations on books to help people learn more about mission-focused teaching and Ignatian pedagogy. The following is a short list of five texts that can help anyone from novice to expert learn a little bit more in this area of teaching. Bergman, Roger. Catholic Social Learning: Educating the Faith That […]

The Graphic Syllabus

by Debie Lohe, Director, Reinert Center The syllabus is a fraught document. It needs to do different kinds of work, for different kinds of audiences, and often these differences seem downright contradictory. Although a dominant metaphor for the syllabus is that of a contract, other metaphors also apply – and often resonate more with faculty: […]

Book Review: Democracy and Education Reconsidered

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center John Dewey’s seminal Democracy and Education is arguably one of the most influential books on education published in the twentieth century. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of its publication, a recent volume proposes “ways of revising Dewey’s thought in light of the challenges facing contemporary education and […]

Learning Styles Mini-Literature Review

by Sandy Gambill, Sr. Instructional Developer, Reinert Center The idea that individuals learn in different ways has been around for centuries. “As early as 334 BC, Aristotle said that “each child possessed specific talents and skills” and he noticed “individual differences in young children.” (Reiff, 92.) Research on learning styles in the 1970s (Kolb’s Experiential […]