Resources to Support LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum and Classroom Climate

The Center for Ethics Education at Fordham University hosted a discussion in October 2013 with faculty and teaching fellows on creating LGBTQ inclusive classroom experiences. As a result of that discussion, the center maintains a website with regularly updated information and resources to support course-, department-, and institution-level efforts towards LGBTQ inclusion at Fordham. You […]

New Resource Guide

A new resource guide on assessing affective learning has been posted to the Reinert Center website [LINK]. If you want to talk with someone about assessing affective learning in your own classes, you may request a teaching consultation by completing this form (LINK). If you have ideas for resource guide topics you would like to see […]

Autonomy, Structure, and Support

by Chris Grabau, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center Self-determination theory (or SDT) is a theory of motivation that articulates the inherent (or intrinsic) factors needed in order for person to exhibit self-motivating and self-determined behaviors.  SDT founders, Edward Deci and Richard Ryan propose there are three intrinsic “nutriments” or behaviors that are not only important for […]

Affective Learning

by James Fortney, Instructional Developer, Reinert Center When defining transformative learning, Jack Mezirow (1997) argues it is “an active process involving [the] thought, feelings, and disposition” of the learner (p. 10). By drawing attention to the more affective dimensions of teaching and learning, he gives authority to many of the things we hope our students […]