Fostering Self-Regulated Learning

by Debie Lohe, Director, Reinert Center So many of our frustrations with “today’s students” stem from their not-yet-well-developed ability to function as self-regulated learners.  We could debate the reasons – cultural, generational, developmental – why many undergraduates have not yet cultivated a strong sense of self-regulation in their approach to education, but it may be […]

Teaching the Graduate Seminar

by Gina Merys, Assistant Director, Reinert Center In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, “Student-Centered Graduate Teaching,” the author asks, “if most academics want to teach graduate students, why do so few of us think hard about how to do it?” (Cassuto, 2013). While I disagree with the premise that instructors of graduate seminars […]

Why Won’t Students Read for Class?

by Debie Lohe, Director, Reinert Center This question arises frequently in conversations with faculty from all disciplines and at all levels of teaching.  Although we’re quick to blame our attention-deficit culture – they’re too busy texting! – the fact is many students don’t do the reading for our classes because we haven’t actually taught them […]

Formative and Summative Feedback and Its Impact on Learner Motivation

Submitted to the Teaching Issues Writing Consortium by Julie Frese, Ph.D., University of the Rockies According to Dempsey & Sales (1993), the motivational approach to feedback is based on the belief that “…letting people know how well they are performing a task acts as an incentive for greater effort in the future” (p. 4). […]

Strategies for Student Motivation

by Sandy Gambill, Instructional Designer, CTTL It’s high summer and I’m thinking about the course I’ll be teaching this fall. Maybe it’s just the time of the year where my own attention wanders, but I’m spending more time than usual thinking about student motivation. What is the secret to getting students engaged with the course […]

Teaching Metacognition through Critical Reflection: Strategies and Tools

by Katie Beres, Instructional Liaison, CTTL Dr. Patti Clayton facilitated a workshop for the SLU community on May 7 on the topic of critical reflection. As a follow up to her workshop this article provides a summary of various metacognitive activities (including Clayton’s DEAL model) to support student learning. What are metacognitive activities? Metacognitive activities […]

Eating My Own Words: Reflection on Using a Blog in Class

by Jerod Quinn, Instructional Designer, CTTL I warned my students this past semester that there would be a certain level of ambiguity inherent in my “introduction to technology” class. I was not going to walk them through using every application we discuss, but I would instead expect them to “figure it out” on their own. […]

2nd Annual Learning Studio Symposium Recap

by Michaella Thornton, Assistant Director for Instructional Design It is an inspiring and instructive privilege to be able to peek inside others’ classrooms to experience how others teach, hear how and why teachers make the choices they do for students, learning goals and objectives, and respective disciplines, and to consider how such possibilities may be […]

Teachers and Students as Curators of Networked Learning

by Michaella Thornton, Assistant Director for Instructional Design, Reinert CTTL First, a brief, lively video explanation of what digital media curation is: What is Curation? from Percolate on Vimeo. There’s an exciting movement underway regarding the tried-and-true textbook.  The Internet, digital scholarship, open-access journals, academic crowd-sourcing, and on-going debates about providing equitable, affordable, and timely […]

The Flipped Classroom-What Makes It Work?

by Sandy Gambill, Instructional Designer, Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning Classroom flipping, or using technology like Tegrity to move lecture out of physical class time, is all the rage these days, but what actually makes it an effective learning strategy for students?  Faculty are invited to attend an informal brainstorming conversation on effective […]