Daily Reflection for March 24, 2011

Jer. 17:5-10 Lk. 16:19-31
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The scripture readings today are from Jeremiah 17:5-10 and Luke 16:19-31.  After reading through both set of scriptures, my reflection led to a connection between the two.  In Jeremiah, the Lord talks about how those who put their trust in humans and turn their hearts away from the Lord have little hope for the future, while those that trust, hope, and have confidence in the Lord are blessed.  This relationship is displayed in Luke, where Lazarus upon his death is greeted by Abraham, while the rich man whose name is not given, died and went to the place of the dead.

While on this earth Lazarus experienced the drought of human affection and love, as he laid outside the rich man’s gates, longing for food, shelter, and kindness.  His heart probably questioned why he was leading a life of poverty and despair, while holding to the understanding that his Creator had a plan and purpose for him.  So that on the day of his death, he was carried by angels to stand in splendor with Abraham.  My droughts may not be like those of Lazarus, as I have an able body, food, and a roof over my head, as well as friends and family who support and care for me. However, I still experience drought and longing for the well that will not run dry.  This takes me back to Jeremiah, where I am reminded that in trusting in the Lord my roots run deep and into the moisture laden soil.  That I will be fulfilled by the Lord, for He has blessed me in my faith.

Bless us, oh Lord, in our Lenten journeys.  That we may allow for You to honestly search our hearts and examine our motives.  That we may be made more aware of the ways in which our actions bring Your love into this world or how we may continue to grow in this Lenten season to allow our actions to more closely bring about Your desires for us.

Natalie Gaggini
, Ph.D student in the Meteorology Department


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